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INTO MATH:  Into Math is our K-8 math curriculum that is designed to propel growth for every student.  This curriculum puts students at the center of the instruction, with a goal of creating fearless problem solvers.  Into Math supports a growth mindset, and allows students to collaborate with one another and take ownership of their learning  

Our curriculum provides:

      Instruction that meets the needs of the teacher

    • Into math makes it easy for teachers to choose instructional delivery that fits their teaching style, the students’ needs and the resource availability of their school

      Accelerated student growth

    • Teachers can easily monitor, predict and accelerate growth by using the growth data available through the embedded reports.

      The proper support in the proper situation  

    • The materials included in the Into Math curriculum allow teachers to provide support to students through print and digital interactive activities, along with their exclusive tabletop flipcharts.  This type of differentiation allows teachers to provide the right support at the right time.

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