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Writing is taught using the Scholastic Traits Writing program by Ruth Culham.  

This curriculum is organized as a spiraled sequence of the writing 6 plus 1 traits and their 4 key qualities. Key qualities define the traits in detail and give concrete concepts for targeted writing instruction. The program is structured so that all the traits are covered systematically and intermittently throughout the year rather than covering one trait at a time. Nine Units, including a “Getting Started” unit at the beginning of the year and a “Wrapping Up” unit at year’s end, ensure comprehensive, well-rounded instruction.


Sing-Along CD (K-2) Includes a wide variety of sing-alongs for each of the Traits and include both sing-along and instrumental versions.  Songs that help your youngest learners become familiar with writing.

Student Handbook Includes definitions of traits and key qualities, worksheets, writing activities, “Think Abouts”, author previews, graphic organizers, tip sheets, publishing checklists and other tools that support instruction

Trait Posters  Cool and colorful posters, one for each trait, that remind students of key qualities to think about as they draft, revise, and edit their work.  Each one showcases a “Trait Mate” from the Student Handbook. 

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